Guess I have to argue my way to mental health now.

I just want a cafe where you can, in some country, with like a nice beverage, say something rude to someone, and it doesn’t start a fight, it’s just an explanation. Information is exchanged and we’re all better off. But AMERICA is nice because here we’re all fucking, lowlifes, saying like, DON’T FUCKING INSULT ME shit shit I better BAN then from my CHANNEL for being rude or whatever.

America is a shitty place. I’ve been here my whole life. Some times, some places, are alright, kind of. But most of my life in this country has been miserable.

I can’t believe anyone likes it here.

So many liars. So much slime. It’s “epic”.


And the party members get zombie! Wowow gun violence superb! I hope they shoot themselves first! Yeet!

So regressive.

I don’t know how people have my neural ID tag, but I don’t have one. I spoke too soon to my therapist tonight. I do have psychosis tonight. The nonviolent kind.

Eh. I’m just going to be in a lot of pain and suffering the whole rest of the night.

At best, no one will notice me.

But the opposite is always true. I am always the center of attention.


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