The voices like bossing me around. Sometimes they’re real people oh fuck one of the spikes backfired. that is golden. They deserve to all backfire. Fuck you fuck you if only the medication could do that for me.

IF only the medication actually worked.

This is self-sufficient fuck off but i have more to say.

No we’re entitled to your humanity.

no you’re confused and you’re on your way out. the dying breed so it speaks.

mom contributed to a nerve spike i’m sure she’s evil. she likes warning me about how doom and gloom the future is going to be for me if i indulge in happiness. she is an unhappy person so that makes sense.

my ex haunts me. she’s a bitch.

anyone who haunts me is by definition bad! my coworker keeps haunting me for some reason, i dont know what his problem is, he has two autistic kids so youd think he’d be busy on a saturday morning. but i guess his favorite passtime is neglecting them? Man that’s gonna leave a mark. probably legal in america.

well definitely legal in the midwest to south. the filth of america. (wait isnt’ that all of america?)

gavin deserves to be nuked.

no happiness. no humor.

brother haunts me.

people just want to pick on me.

my therapist hasnt talked to me about it. we’ve had… seven sessions so far? hes reminded me to breath from time to time. i still dont because i dont want to.

yeah i just gave into evil. i feel worse.

he doesnt get art.

most people dont.

fuck you all.

go kill yourselves.


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