I don’t really know what to do now. Ugh. I’m sleepy. But I want to be functional. But I have no part time job. I don’t know how to do hobbies. Really. At all.


Depression at my coat tails. Nasty demons. Slit their throats with knives when possible.

Ideal afternoon (without spelling mistakes!) would be: Find the spare RAM for the server. Oh shit I have to wait to plastic bags to arrive from either way to transfer the CPU. Ugh. So I can’t work on the server. Well when they do I will transfer the CPU to the new motherboard, which is a nerve-wrecking process, and I need to buy more thermal paste too, so thanks for the reminder, friends. Mmmm I think that’s it? So easy to call isn’t it.

But is it?

Who’s to say.

Okay just ordered my thermal paste.

Other ideal afternoon: Reading. Just reading. Ugh. Why can’t I why’s my stamina so poor. It’s sad.

It is. No beating around the bush.

So got the thermal paste for the new mobo same CPU. Have thermal paste for my mini PC. Need to steel wool some edges of the computer case (used but awesome otherwise) outdoors. Mmmm or dangerous without a vacuum? I don’t know! =O Help!

Sigh… The destruction of someone merely trying things.

It’s just some rough corners. Will that produce too much metal particles for the environment, birds and stuff to breathe in? =/

Have the mobo for that. The SS RAM. An optical drive the small kind yeee boiiiii. CPU? I thought so. Where is it though? Huh. Once I start I’ll move everything around I don’t feel like moving things around right now.

Oh wait yeah it’s right there under the other box. Have that. High end.

And some spare graphics cards for it all in case anyone can use any.

I don’t know how any of this works.


I hate calling it a learning experience. Fuck off, sissy livers.

Ball shooter. Girl fiend. Neck tie dung ho.


Well I give up talking for now. That’s the plan.

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