My motherboard, brand new one from amazon, does not fit the specifications of an LGA115* because the last one did and the Mugen scythe fan/heatsink worked on it. This time it does not work. Can only imagine it’s the motherboard’s fault, but it could be either, really. The sockets for the nuts are too large.

So I have to return it for like, testing, at the amazon factory or whatever, at the UPS store, which is no big hassle. I should put everything back in its box tonight and drop it off tomorrow. Heh.

I bought some Japanese and Turkish snacks because I don’t have any fucking snacks and I’m so bored I’m going insane help mee-hee-hee. Oh lord.

Well it’s better now.

We increased my meds so it should be better. Just got to keep getting labs done to make sure we’re not overdosing me. Nice!


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