Everything is such misery. This family is miserable. Father is a miserable person. He likes the children he likes abusing his wife.

What a fucking terd. Garbage piece of shit prick garbage human.

At least he’s a liberal. Has that going for him =/

Had a bag of popcorn. It revolutionized my ideology. I need to learn to indulge. Life is about fun and feelgood. Without that youre dead anyway! So live, by definition, or die, by definition.

There is no in between. Only gradation.


I feel so bad all the time. I want to learn to watch movies.

Therapists are not genius life hackers that teach you how to live basics. They aren’.t THey are breathing preachers.

That’s all.

Psychiatrists are pill dispensers with brains.

Soooooo that’s medicine for mental health.


And sometimes they tell you to exercise.

Group therapy exists. Different kinds.

I had my tomato juice for the day.

Ew. Violent daydreams. Disturb me. I hope I get used to them…

It’s sad I’m not cool enough for cartoon violence. I must be immature like a 12yo. I guess some retards are. =(

That’ssss me!


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