What did I do today… What did I accomplish…

I assembled an office chair. I tried to put together my server again. Didn’t work so disassembled and put back in box for return. Ready for dropoff return at UPS store.

Fuck there’s a fly in the room. ADHD. Can’t watch movies. Life is bad.

I went for a walk but not a jog. I’ll never be in shape until I jog. Unless I find a tennis partnet. Or join a pickup soccer team. Ooh indeed, cait.

Gotta shit brb.

I use the vulgar.

I feel better. Popcorn plus mommy.


I don’t know. I need to figure out what drives me in life. Do I want life to have a simple formula? Yeah kinda. A simple equation for success and happiness that I then follow until I die. That would be good. Some want it sophisticated and mysterious or what have you. That’s nice but I feel like too much could go wrong. IT’s too risky, in other words. They like that, by defintiion. They dign up for it. IU don’t I don’t. I don’t.

I don’t.


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