That’s Why

It’s unfair that I have to work so hard to be alive when I already work hard enough and earn everything I deserve.

History catches up to everyone. There is no such thing as progress.

Or is this because I don’t exercise enough. I feel bad because of a lack of endorphins.

How do I feel better?

This mental illness…

I want my doctors to explain it to me.

They want me to explain it to them.

No more yelling, no more yelling, please… I can feel people no one knows how it works, relax, we all can…

I give up. THAT part is fake. You CAN’T feel people. YOU’RE all delusional. Sorry =/

So live with your gross ugly. YOU exercise. I do quite enough. Why bully me again?

I’m just a lonely artist. Day job? Science. Night hero? Art.

It goes.

Sometimes it doesn’t.

Thenwise, people die. And I loved them. It hurts.

You have no idea.

We get by but I won’t say the calves in the field know any less than us.

That’s why I think we are wealthy.

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