I’m so confused. What is going on? It’s so odd. What is going on? I want to be lucid again. The things I want and the people influencing me not to get them. it seems the people who love me make my life worse.

I am coming to that conclusion.

Mom loves me and is trying to help. She makes it worse in the process.

Or if we measured it probably it would be better.

She has to be a little more objective about these things.

I honestly think she’s making my life worse.

I’m objective, she’s objective–no quandary, just relativity.

Simplex virus load.


Muffled voices and people buried in the plastic. Oh no osmeone’s asphyxiating. Wow horrifying someone cut open good good they can breathe again. O lord another layer moore scissors. Keep going until they can breathe.

Fuck this is complicaqted.

People are so stupid.

I’m nmot hallucvinating, I’m jut s daydreaming.

There’s nowhere to go on the internt. I need to learn to read.

I feel bad already. We’re leaving in 20 minutes. I guess I’ll read a bit.

I got to relearn to eb me. Not being me is painful.

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