Do I summarize the goings on of the day or go off on a philosophical tangent? I see all of you spirits are lowlifes in disguise. So hopefully they deport you but if that is acceted in this country–no who am I kidding, double standards rule. I’m doomed.

Thanks, fuckers.

Well we just played tennis, brother and I, and I’m home, and my father is psychically a criminal donwstairs eating a hot dog.

Mom married him at one point. Maybe. We’re not sure. But we are their children.

I played tennis with middle brother. Good execise for me. Wouldn’t I do that every day. I wish.

baby brother joined and then we quit and just walked around the park a while with mom.

Dad is a shithead psychic garbage now.

I’m home.

I’ve had symptoms all day.

Life is so hard.

People have been harassing me wherever I go.

Mom has realitgy checked me in the car. That worked pretty well but she has to eat now. I need to talk to her.

I do’t want, I want to be able to handle all this single, but maybe ti’s cool to have a SO (significant other). May be she’s a farm girl with denim shirt buttons unbuttoned though, blowing in the wind, walking down the road.

Maybe she’s cool.

I don’t really know I haven’t thoughtabout this much. I don’t do character design.

I’m disturbed.

Life’s not fair.

I had my chipotle burrito after tennis and the park walk with mom in the kitchen. Dad was there.

He went to florida recently but came back, unfortunbately. I wish we could just dump him there.


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