I interpret likes as sarcastic asides, blows at my ego, at me personality. Like, yelling at me, I don’t have the words. Getting into a fight with me.

Making fun of me.

I interpret my family’s love as sardonic.

I interpret the civility of the strangers as shitting on my windshield because they don’t like me because they have brain problems.

People, if they don’t like me, have fucking problems. I am a very neutral out-of-they-way person. If you don’t like me you have an anger problem.

Encouraged by mother to work on my poetry. I don’t know what that means. Whenever I send her a new piece she says it’s shit then she tells me to work on it later. What? Without technical analysis or critic. Useless human, explain.

No I doubt she would.

Father sunk his entire retirement pension into a small business office that he will not start a small business with. Good for him. No one is helping him with his financial problems cuz he was a retard shitfuck when I was younger, to all of us, and still is. Abusive father figures ftw. Amiright.


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