a plea…

I feel like, something along the lines of, the 50s are returning through politics, and it’s ruining the mood, causing depression, and police dictatorship, and we need somehow to stop it or change the flow of things. I believe in that strongly, and that it’s through literature, and that good literature can have a powerful impact on all of this. That well written words can stop the police from gunning black men–and eventually everyone–down. We have to stop… I forget.

I think you get my point. I hope you do…

It’s not Biden. Biden’s the cure. But I sense in the dark, this, lurking. And if he loses the next election, this is what is going to replace him. And a whole lot of us are going to be very, very unhappy. And I can’t imagine how that is going to function at all except with guns and nukes. And good luck fucking Earth, cuz the Americans are at it again.


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