Should I Just Leave?

What I want is not so unreasonable. I just want as much time as it takes to figure out what it is I need in life. I need a soul searching break.

I guess some people get that, too. They go to Taiwan or wherever and search for their soul.

I don’t intend on going to Taiwan. Maybe Austria. But…

I don’t have the money. Except I do! What I don’t have is the mental stability. I don’t have the guarantee that the…

What do I need. What am I saying. It’s okay. You’re right. It is.

Maybe I should take off at some point.

We’ll see. I want to finish up this contract with my current employer. We’re 3 months in (wastefully) and got 3 more to go.

I don’t choose what my work is. They do. So, their fault if I’m underutilized. My senior thinks so. If he does. It’s theoretical.

I can’t believe I have to accept it to let go of it… that’s such an abusive contract… human brains are wired WRONG.

We are all prisoners.

Except maybe it’s only me! It may be.


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