Some personal philosophy

My attitude so far has been to carry on ignoring it or whatever letting it live, the parasite it is, to the side, while I just kind of let it suck off me. I’ve had this conversation before, in my fate fantasy or irl. You have to squash it. This parasite, this thing, that whips your neck to the side, that eats you up, that empties you out and brings you full of nothing to the shores of despair and leaves you there? There is no place for it. Why do I let it live.

How is it even possible.

Am I… Kind?

Sympathy, for something so ugly? It is irrational? It’s not kindness. It’s weakness. Every human would argue that.

It shoots me in the foot every time.

I guess no one can decide but myself.

I agree! It’s stupid! I have to kill it. I have to destroy this evil bug. No sympathy for the devils.

It’s just hard, and I am weak to do the difficult things. Challenges elude me, do they not?

THAT is probably why, everyone says. I wonder if that fuels it…

No hate, guys. Have your opinions. I’m not a god! =)

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