I have a pretty gnarly stomach ache and my dad was all like well just stop taking all your meds and he doesn’t know that could kill me pretty effectively cuz he’s usually pretty fucking stupid about important things he makes decisions about. And to follow up he’s all on this pro-telepathy rant. That’s great […]

What is in free time: -Reading -Exercise -TV That’s it. That’s free time. Maybe you consider music or paying attention to it free time. I kind of do that on the side. Why do I have free time? Maybe if I don’t value it I shouldn’t have it? Maybe a greater power somewhere will take […]

I guess, in the end, my family’s lies fucked me in the ass. Superb. But it’s just *sing along with me now* a hypothesis!* ;-)

The Beginning? Hello Sir Black Cat!

My dad’s being a dick to customer support for some credit card he signed up for. There’s a fraudulent charge and it’s hard to report it, so he decided the first customer support rep he could get a hold of was responsible and he would behave like a barbarian (negative connotation) with them. Glam. There’s […]


I need to remind myself that just because something could happen doesn’t mean it is or will happen or is happening. Same for you, I guess. Ironic, coincidental, that we both get this lesson. =) Tryiung to be more positive… I hope it pays off but it’s just so not me There’s an average I’m […]

These fucking christ fuckers deserve to have their eye sockets drilled in and fucked to bits. The lizards want no part of it or all of it either way it’s gambling at the casino royale. Wealthy lizards. So in short, I’m a lizard on the pacific rim. What is the pop distro though? And who […]

Well anyway my mom said I should work on my server but I can’t until… Until shit shit I was supposed to return my MOBO today. I wonder if there’s still time to do that today. No? Probably tomorrow? I guess tomorrow is okay. I can’t work on my server tonight. What do I do […]

I’m fucking fucked. Some evil Indian slime out there wants me gunned down. I gotta throw a book at them. Something ninny liver pussy pissy shit like peacey weacey hippy fucktard. Making fun of peace. Lawd. But still. India is a great culture in times of need of covid vaccines. *can’t suppress chuckles* stupid Indians […]


I wish I were freer. Human-wise. I wish I could say what I want in my personal alone moments. I don’t know what’s holding me back but my ISP and wordpress.com. =( Well anyway… Possibly also hackers. Family. Psychic vampires. I’m mentally ill tonight. Shucks. Mom’s not staying home though. I finished one read-through edit […]