I need to remind myself that just because something could happen doesn’t mean it is or will happen or is happening.

Same for you, I guess.

Ironic, coincidental, that we both get this lesson.


Tryiung to be more positive… I hope it pays off but it’s just so not me

There’s an average

I’m cool

I’m cool

I’m cool

No really, I mean it: I’m cool

I’m a cool guy

Not positive not negative, just cool

Average moderation all that

But what are labels

Labels are useful for sexual advertisement that’s what they are

oh i have the world figured out do i not

well anyway it’s probably a delusion again


my doctors work hard to help me

we’ll figure this out

so i don’t have to

i have aday job

doing OTHER medical things

not at a hpsoital but…

u no

it goes…

how to end this post


with a timeout?

You think so?

I don’t know how but, okay!



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