I don’t know if this poetry thing is going to get me anywhere but it’s at least something to keep me busy.

It’s neat how the other side of the intertube can spy on me and keep me occuppied. What i mean is, they care, and they take care of me. Nice of them to inject their personal business into my personal business. What is a bad mood how do you recognize one.

And when do the chats sync and what is conjunctive meaning.

All these things.


How does he know what I’m doing? How is he so magician? Most people find that cool no? No it’s creepy.



There’s problems with it too.


No I give up.

Psychosis works backwards.

They’re going to understand the neurotransmitters but not the psychology.

There are psychology journals. Scientists called psychologists. Maybe they will understand exactly what I want them to.

I don’t know when that’s going to happen.

I will be releasing my second book of poetry at some point.


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