I’m fucking fucked. Some evil Indian slime out there wants me gunned down. I gotta throw a book at them. Something ninny liver pussy pissy shit like peacey weacey hippy fucktard.

Making fun of peace. Lawd.

But still. India is a great culture in times of need of covid vaccines. *can’t suppress chuckles*

stupid Indians

so dumb. their government must not work or something. or their market. I don’t know.

I’ve never been to India. I bet a lot of stuff there is stupid and annoying. The salespeople seem epic. They are the recruiters in this country! That can only mean it’s worse there. Wow. Hard to believe.

Well racism aside, let’s talk schizophrenia.

I’m fucked in the head, everyone’s spying on me, I have no PRIVACY, everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, and I guess that’s it!


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