I have a pretty gnarly stomach ache and my dad was all like well just stop taking all your meds and he doesn’t know that could kill me pretty effectively cuz he’s usually pretty fucking stupid about important things he makes decisions about.

And to follow up he’s all on this pro-telepathy rant. That’s great that plays right into my worst fears thanks.

Therapy’s in a week though so I have something mild to look forward to.

This is why I don’t want to live with him anymore but he says he wouldn’t move to FLorida he would only want a vacation home there. I’m not buying him a vacation home.

Everyone in this neihgborhood is pretty belligerent it’s amazing.

I’ll just keep working or if I get fired I”ll find a new job in pharma, work save for a home with me and my mom and we’ll just us two live together cuz we get along hopefully most of the time that is the truth. It seems to be.


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