fuck it

My brother tells me I better, if I talk on the internet, get ready for others to talk back.

No, I think, he’s got it close, but the real problem is: I’m schizophrenic and I need my medication to reach full dosage.

I need to get busier at work.

I need to find healthier hobbies.

I had a dream Ruby was acting slutty playful like we were gf bf. That was nice. She’s an ex-coworker from my last job where I was tortured for 5 years legally by capitalism and pharmaceuticals and middle-management. I looked at her butt a few times. No touching, that’s grossly inappropriate and lands you in the disciplinary action bin. Like fired disciplinary action bin–but do have some fun.

I guess I’m your devil for the day. Hmm.

What a boring devil my thoughts exactly!

Need to get in tune with the audience…

My brother shat on me, he’s not a good brother. We’re rats. lul.

Devil rats.

I’m tired.

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