The Beginning? Hello Sir Black Cat!

My dad’s being a dick to customer support for some credit card he signed up for. There’s a fraudulent charge and it’s hard to report it, so he decided the first customer support rep he could get a hold of was responsible and he would behave like a barbarian (negative connotation) with them.


There’s a black cat visits our back yard recently. We feed it not sure about water mom does that. So. Told her, she went to watch. He’s / she’s lounging in the grass of the rear garden for now, behind some of the trees. Neat! Enjoying himself. =). I don’t know it’s gender.

So, that’s probably the best part of my life lately. Is this black cat.

Twitch and the psychic delusions are weird. I guess all that means is “Twitch triggers me”. =/. Simple.

Can’t argue with my own brain. Even if it’s kind of loud and sounds outside myself. I’m sure there’s a simple explanation for the auditory hallucinations but it’s nothing to fear. I don’t talk like that usually, so cheesy.

Which reminds me of a poem I need to edit. Mom read a few and left some comments. That was kind of her.

Life is good.

I need to act more normal more often. I know what I want. Grand things.

So it goes.

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