My sleep schedule and anger problems seems to be normalizing with the Depakote, bipolar medication. Here’s to hoping. Thank you everyone who has wished me well along the way.

It’s so hard finding the right type to hang out with on the internet, while… avoiding the wrong type. What do I do? I don’t know what to do. I need help.

I have a lot to say but I’m too tired to say all of it. My primary coping tool, writing, is now out of reach. I guess I do have to breath correctly. It’s such a failure and admission of failure to say to yourself, “I’m going to breathe well tonight.” Wtf? Can you caveman […]

I messaged my therapist thrice tonight, and I keep getting this recurring daydream where a girl I am visualizing, a real one, bends over, and it’s sexual. Also lots of female narrators, again, real girls. Can’t imagine how I would have THAT MUCH PRIVILEGE seems grossly unrealistic. Hmm. I’m sure some people go to great […]

I got to figure out how to have hobbies again. I don’t know. Like one good one would do. So many I try, they don’t cut it. Can’t just watch TV. Sort of invested in that though! Eh. Not fun. I don’t know. I don’t know what is wrong with my life. Some nights are […]

I think I have problems. Dad abuses customer service reps at companies and then threatens his wife with murder. Yeesh. Scary. Well anyway our whole family is fucked. So it goes.

There’s no good conclusion for what happened tongiht. I went mentally ill again. people spied on me again. I was defenseless, and I lost. This is america. Mental health, fact, is not doing too well here. =/ I haven’t read up on my other facts. Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t, I’ve got a busy […]

I have like two twitch streamers I am interested in viewing tonight. They both make me feel like I am in a lot of psychological pain. They both give me the delusion (what a weak way to give up) that I’m being stalked psychically by them, I give up. I dno’t feel like explaining, I […]

So many people, even liberals in the US, have voiced psychic complaints about my freedom of speech on the internet. It’s so disconnected and makes me exhausted to discuss but it’s worth it (I don’t even know) I fucking give up