I’m doing really poorly all of a sudden. It was alright around 4. I don’t know what happened. Free time is worse for me than time at work, even when I have an easy day with little work.

I don’t like this system. But I’d rather not move. I’d rather put up with it than risk the risks. I don’t want to be like my dad and ruin everyone’s life. =(

Nick, I’m sorry. You’re not entitled to this information. It’s above your confidentiality clearance level. Scanning ID card falsified.



I had a klonopin.

CannibalQueen is yelling at me in my brain. She’s a nasty personality. Some people do believe bad press is press. =(

I don’t like that world.

Somehow the idea of a jog is being floated. I have no chance of doing that. I don’t actually believe in the benefits. I haven’t run in so long. I played a little tennis this weekend. That’s the exercise I get. I mean other Americans, how out of shape they are, do you think they have mental problems? I don’t even know, man. It’s so sad. =(

Maybe society is as fucked as I think it is. But I don’t want to see it. Leave me alone, please. I have a slice of a happy world. Let me have it.

Eh. Australia is a shithole. The celebs are terds.

What else…

I just want somewhere to go, something to do, and I guess I”ll just take a break from twitch and then come back.

Teh concept of taking a break from soemthing.

Yeah. I guess I’ll do that.

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