Okay, next caffeine boost is on its way. I messaged my therapist about the terrorists on twitch getting away with bullying the mentally ill and exploitable in the population with no UN human rights intervention.

Um. Mom can’t help me she has to go to work.

I have infinite books and I don’t like reading. I’m GLAD on TOP of that, I feel this powerful anxiety-inducing pressure to read that backfires and just fucking murders me in the brain cells! Wow! Super good work western education! China’s a shithole though. Fuck that place. Wowza. Grass is not greener. Get real.

What else…

I don’t feel like talking about anything but my mom just lent me some soul. I dont’ know what that means or how but that’s probably violating at least a few of my human rights. That’s rather odd of her also given that she has to sleep.

I took my klonopin probably an hour ago now.

I guess I’ll have that next coffee then take a bath.

What a miserable existence this has been. 32 and still not dead yet. Shame.

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