Ugh. I don’t like how, well, I am learning a lot, I guess, is what you fucking bemoan out your turdass face when–well, let’s just say there’s a lot to bemoan.

I’m in a very confused place in my life. I wasn’t under the impression… I guess civilian crimes are crimes so I should watch for that.

The cyberworld and how it works.


Wiretappings probably easier than I think.

Well what I mean is, my relationship to media is not so good.

I’ve felt bad for a while.

I get away with a lot of “crime” (i.e. everyone let me have a good life and now it’s catching up to me).

Well people are strange.

I ought to feel policed, eh. It’s odd. I mean I just did. So that’s nice. Maybe someone will notice something at some point.

I really dislike some streamers for psychically abusing me. I guess that means triggering.

Do video games trigger me? Most streamers are about video games, statistics aside.

So my therapist might be involved in this problem, for not having helped identify my triggers yet.

Are triggers real?

I really don’t know much about this for having suffered so much for so long.

It’s pretty wow how shitty mental health education in the states is.


I don’t know.

I like talking? And if you don’t like hearing what i say, leave?

That’s the end of my argument. Sorry. *shrugs*

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