Super Chill

Been getting a lot of aggravation from small people for small reasons. Selfish small reasons. I am glad I can forgive others. This seems to be a superpower. Holy hell. Magic.

Meeting at work. I think my manager may hate me but eh who cares. She’s a total whore.

Senior is also a dumb fuck.

I guess they could discover who this is. And then I’d be in trouble or something or maybe it would be acceptable anonymity. I don’t know. I feel like it could all come crumbling down. lol. Mostly I worry about how to explain it to my parents. If only I lived on my own. A life of solitude seems simplest.

I don’t have anything to do at work. So I’m taking it easy for today. That means shitting my pants neurotically worrying about not working hard enough, not being productive enough, being lazy, etc.

So that’s my day.

Hope yours is humane.

Not everyone’s is.

Super chill, Earth. Super chill.

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