Work, etc., le quoitidien…

I have figured out how to push my reality past its limits just by thinking about it. It’s not a healthy habit, and I don’t now how I do it, exactly, and it really scientifically has nothing to do with other people or bothering other people or harassing other people or anything other to begin with. It’s entirely in my head.

Sooo, I’ve got to learn to chill.

Ugh, as much as I hate saying that.

And I perceive people hating me, threatening me. But schizoaffective disorder is very powerful. We’re increasing my dosage again. Mmm.

Nothing to do at work today. I sent an email and attended a meeting where I didn’t have anything to present. Neat. It was a fun meeting, though! I like science when it’s scientific.

I guess I’ll just waste the rest of the day reading, writing, and watching TV. It’s Tuesday, right? I will probably have to go into lab to do some testing for the next study our group is executing at our company, mmm, we’re a few weeks behind because of shipping delays (shitty!) but it is what it is. Mostly it fucked me in the ass psychologically because I had no work for a few weeks and I felt terrible. Exercise regularly, folks!


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