I lied in bed a bit, half an hour, almost as if that were–why do I am used to typing tap tap tap so rapidly in high schoole veryone the essay wrote so quickly wtf?

I rested in bed. Almost like that werea form of rest.

Stomach ache. Hollow empty burps of milk and coffee. What is this beverage called?

Some visions are easy to dismiss. I’m sure it’s embarassing being around me but those whot hink so aren’t.

So that’s that. Case closed.

I’ve ruined enough lives.

I mean barely, on teh scale of things. But to them, yes.

I took my pills–why I focus on the small shit. Eh. And didn’t throw them up I think. I kind of tired tohonestly. Not becaues they were the pill sbut because the stomach ache was at the same time.

Twitch continues to harass me. I understand not.

I like wordpress. It’s such a peaceful place. I like that it values freedom of speech and that I am safe here.


I could go on but ther’es itme. =)

I’m around. I know you love me. I wish I coudl say the same.

Thanks for your help, anwyay. Here’s a penny for your ittance.

(It’s not real.)

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