I still don’t understand it. I’ve been grappling with this problem for years. Sometimes there is no right answer. I still don’t understand it. How can that be? There is no path. There is no life. You are not dead. But existence? Questionable. The gray area. When this happens, what do you do? I don’t get it. I struggle with mental illness greatly. I have for a while.

It’s odd.

Also chickening out where my mom is way tougher and braver than me on the keyboard, or at least texting/typing keyboards.


I just want some adventure in my life maybe? Somewhere to go? Something to do? This job is going magnificently atrociously. My manager mismanages. I’m getting there’s a sense of suit yourself in the company. Maybe I put that incorrectly but eh.

Twitch is a terrorist cult out to get me again.

Paranoia? On the internet? Nooo!

Hah. I’d laugh if I weren’t so dead and terror stricken on the inside.

Well I took my klonopin.


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