In bits, as usual…

I’m going to try not to yell here,

and try not to give up.

My lazy is a very powerful brand of lazy.

It’s called depression.

I’m not even that aware of it.

I miss the internet being the internet.

It’s strange how mental illness changed that, too.

Mmm mmm.

Music Muhammad, music.

Whatever that means…

Finally bought a ($60 cheaper) replacement mobo. Same intl i8 lga115x compatibility. Why didn’t I did this in first place?

I’m native russian; they’ll never motice.

Mmm mmm.


It is sad that I can’t get pleasure out of a book but that’s a harsh reality I have had to adapt to, as well. Depression again, I suppose. Or psychosis, not sure which.

In any case, I may be using slightly unofficial terminology so excuse me.

I don’t understand IP addresses and pings.

Hmm. Hmm.

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