Dreams Last Night, Dreams, Dreams, Dreams

I had so many dreams last night. I’ve been sleeping all day for the last few days. It’s not a reasonable lifestyle, but I mean, for someone with…

A strange problem.

Like me.

I guess something is bound to happen.

I still have no wo-ork shit shit shit. Sigh…

I don’t understand that difference… ugh, most of what I say is not important. What am I supposed to do, exercise 20 minutes, work at my day job, then whatever I want as long as it’s legal?

Geez. That’s actually kind of hard.

Mom and I have our dreams of buying a 2nd house so we can escape Dad, the feces demon. But he shits on our dreams before they can transmute! What atrocious systemwide behavior =O *shock shock shock*

All yall better be working hard cuz… I’m not. -_- bleh

What the hell is even my job.

I hope my Depakote licks in. That means kicks in. I hope it licks into my vagina.

I don’t have one.

Which is why I hope it does.

Vaginas are not so impressive. They’re just biological organs.

I need to get a hobby ro ro something.

Ro ro.

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