I don’t know what to say. There’s just not a whole lot of good news these days. I don’t know. Life’s hard. It’s so powerful, to see the powers that you love give up. Why. Don’t give up. Please.

I am feeling more alone than I normally do. Normally I feel psychotic so I have more on my hands, chaos and destruction, violence, threats, barbarism, animalistic attitudes, fear, horror, terror… But now that seems to be, something clicked today, it is rewinding, but it did click at one point today. So, the depression, the […]

I just want to sleep all the time. Is this depression? I don’t want to do anything but not exist, to be in a fantasy world the whole rest of my life… Went to this garden with mom and middle brother today. I had psychosis the whole time. I was abused. By strangers. By brother. […]

It’s amazing how some diseases can’t be cured. They haven’t tried everything for mine, they’re still trying, but… too ried, tiwill talk later…

To authorities considering arresting me: I mean I’m probably not worth your time. I don’t cause any real problems. I just talk a lot, and not that much compared to some with a PR department =/. And to those of youse with psychic vampire assault squads: I’m shocked but… if you want my honest help […]

Am I in a police state yet?

I am at a cross-roads. Am I doing something bad for society for the way I am talking on the internet? i should not if I am. I just don’t know that I am. What’s the counterargument? I should self-censor on my personal internet space? And then I’m also worried governemtn agencies (the local polices […]

Wow. I posted some violent stuff. Gotta watch it. The us. is nto the interent and the internet is not the us. Freedom freedom freedom haha NOT better be careful. Words hurt and sometimes they are taken seriouslyyyyyY!!! >_< *cringe* well i deleted the cirmes… for now.. except there are so many in the archives… […]