shoot up some more, who ass shitfuck

I’m gonna be paraphrasing this a bit but… The era of the police state is over. We’re free of terd fuck mind and coke coke coke rules now. Lice is my favorite food. So azn pussy cats like to eat their feces. So what. I like logic. Turns out we are forming sentences. I am […]

Hey FYF (Fuck You Friendly): Freedom of Speech is Freedom of Sarcasm is Freedom of Happiness is Freedom of Mind is Freedom of Existence… Don’t Give Up the Good Fight

We need some free-flowing trash coming out of my fingers. I am starting to feel cooped up and garbagey. I don’t know why I’m having so much fiddiculty typologisticalsing. It’s oblique. LOL! Well. You get it. It’s a style. Spend more time with mom than dad. And less time with her than with my best […]

It’s getting harder for me to type which is the beginning of the end, but I must carry one. I must. No. The depression. No. I just can’t… I’m sorry… =( Lots of dreams last night. A nap today. Dreamt I could have a hobby of poetry. Nothing seems to fix me. Life is so […]