Hey FYF (Fuck You Friendly): Freedom of Speech is Freedom of Sarcasm is Freedom of Happiness is Freedom of Mind is Freedom of Existence… Don’t Give Up the Good Fight

We need some free-flowing trash coming out of my fingers. I am starting to feel cooped up and garbagey. I don’t know why I’m having so much fiddiculty typologisticalsing. It’s oblique.



You get it.

It’s a style.

Spend more time with mom than dad.

And less time with her than with my best friend.

But I mean…

I don’t have anyone.

And I wish I had a career! FACK! I want something! Why, jesus, why! Why so abandoned! The Earth is useless to me!

Give me Mars already!



Working on my second book of poetry. Progress is good.

Literary magazine issue 3 comes out end of July. Up-to-date on editing submissions in to the master document and sending out acceptance emails.

Side-note: Send payments to contributors for issue 2? Done with issue 1 (no responses to 45c payment notice).

Seems people do not know how to transfer money safely on the internet.

Hmm odd. Should be lessons on it. In high school where everyone trusts the man.


Fuck you!



Deertc SHOT@!


I don’t play basketball.


Poetry, arts.


Data science, quit the courses. Could not focus on vods. ADHD.

Not diagnosed by doc. Schizoaffective only. Meds coming along. Speak openly about it b/c why not.

Well. Be safe.


The crazy behavior more than the crazy statements get you killed. But shock value is shock value! =)

Um… depakote up. Halfway up on a maneuver, one week to go?

Therapy tomorrow single-one-on-oen at 10. Then group at 6:30 or whatever. Missed last week.

Have to pee…

So I am starting to recognize that so much in life is not shouldering the weight of the universe on your own shoulders (though that is a valid skill and I suppose some get by that way), but rather, that to mobilize the friendship and cooperation of your fellows to achieve shared outcomes is a desirable dream that we all share. That it ought to happen and you ought to make it happen, as one of us, as one of all of us.

And as that I am that person, and you are that person, and we all have this ability to love. So why not love?

After all.

Yes. I think I’m done here for now. Just wanted that bit of addendum.

Off to rape some 13yo white girls now. Excuse me.

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