shoot up some more, who ass shitfuck

I’m gonna be paraphrasing this a bit but…

The era of the police state is over. We’re free of terd fuck mind and coke coke coke rules now.

Lice is my favorite food.

So azn pussy cats like to eat their feces. So what.

I like logic.

Turns out we are forming sentences. I am sureprised actually a tad. Just a tad.

The quesadillas came out duality physics multiplier. It’s with mozaeralla shreddolla dead and mom hates death seth so don’t scythe licechee talk stalk about it.

My brothers are so disappointed in me. I”m not their older brother.

I’ve been dosiowned by everyoen in the family who know how to type better than me.

That means…

Well the tortillas are now wheat. We ran out of white but we have four bags of wheat. Tortillas. So I am using that, tapping into the resource as it were.

There was a video about the statistics not the bias of oil fracking data analysis on Friday on my computer screen that i didn’t pay attention to. This information is free just no one does anything about it. Common misconception many people do much about it it’s just a tough long job with a lot of details to hammer in.

I’m busy sharting arounfd on a sunday night. I have work tomorrow but i hate my job.

I’ve hated my job ever since i started having a job.

Welcome to america.

No one likes their job here.

This is america.

We are not proud of this country.

This is why.

Fuck you delusional politicians. Shoot yourselves with your favorite assault rifles.


Dead serious.

And I’ll shoot myself with mine.

Quesadillas cool.. Hot sauce applied. time to eat.

I didn’t exercise 20 minutes today on either bike we have too in the house. I didn’t jog through the neighborhood. i hate exercise. no research on the psychology of exercise from the government funds b ut yeah blow up the planet wiuth military good idea.




Fuck off.

I’m gettin fat.

And trump better be in prison yesterday.

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