goodnight everyone i know none of you follow anymore but i am so sorry for causing so many problems whether in my delusional bubble or outside of it really i am =(

i’m ruined

i have to do what i want, ghost of baby brother is right he’s still alive but he moaned and bitched about his depression so hard that he fucking horrified all of us I’m still reeling i cry like twice a day now emotional instability from the sza i guess aren’t brain diseases easy things […]


It’s exactly I know. I have not the science. Literature. I must understand this: The paranoia in my mind, embodied in my eyes my own eyes on the page in front of me (the computer screen as it were), or real damages, real reputation I know you I love you I have empathized with these […]

People on the internet ought to go to prison for psychological damages for what they’ve done to me. Honestly. Grow up. But I don’t have to say that. Keep hacking me, keep breaking the ISP, whatever, victimize me, dump shit on the windows. Thanks. You’re ugly. I hate you.

i don’t tolerate any form of hate speech. you shouldn’t have to BE the constitution for it to do its job. get real. this country is weak. we need to bomb ourselves. be honest about it and you’ll see the light. also smarm? nay one? nay? nay… i forget and yield this game yours cpu […]

hurry up hurry up someone chide him someone shut him up he’s evil he’s evil he’s not allowed to speak speaketh so it is speaketh so it sayeth so the dump shit like the brain food and the preaching and knoweth not in its own mind so it knoweth to learn to smile so what

the notes yelled at me: My baby brother who hates me mom yelled at me LIKE her (they’re now SIMILAR obJECTively) and then NAVI from ZELDA en EVIL GAME in an EVIL BOMB IT AGAIN COUNTRY fuck you hos visited triggered ME in my ROOM in a country where i have no RIGHTS what is […]

don’t ask a robot, terd figure it out on your own use a writin gutentsil like any scholar wood what heppen when shit yes wipe no wash hands mom ds downstairs burritos good not yet eaten but she hers she yell arleady wants MOAR hangry already ATE dumb bitch ukrainian rebel … ? plz rISPond

My icon on windows is that glitchy telepathy is that not real and science is that valid fuck off my mom spies on me poop twitch is a terrorist drug den because it abuses the mentally ill i’m not a trump nazi also moms are evil move out asap asap asap pay yo rent bitch […]

I am at a crossroads and I am going to try to ignore all the subtext. I don’t understand how commies or commies or commies wok wok wok no mo. Helpola. I’m screwed by the pills that serve and the cute ass is now the cute ass. Fucked by it, in it. At work. Helpola. […]