I’m so childish of heart and I appreciate fitness and sometimes attractive tweens are like fucked in the ass and then old men who write novels like, are positive! And positivity suckkkkkks like a blow job~!


This is terdsville man

Now twitch wants to rape me again

that terrorist den

Fucking crass website

You all homos better rape yourselves

I mean like WHAT is your logical explanation this time?

I’m going to be a SCIENCE writer, brah. Get real.

One thought on “

  1. Oh well at least it’s out in the open. The homos are fucksville in ya face, ther’es a record of it. I’m cool and that’s out in the open too. So anyone who wants to know, knows. Except lies and coercion exist or not, objectivity does too. It’s rather simple. I trust the truth as long as my own FUCKING MINDD OESN’tT get warped I’m sure things will be fine whyyyy do peope on the theinternet talk about me


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