I’m so angry but I believe in peace.

Nothing wrong will happen tonight.

The evil shits in my life who are so small, so small, and cause such big problems because they are in my private space, my private love space, will die.

They will die of suicide.

The ultimate.


I’m not cuasing it! Fingers off! Fingerfoooood lol!

Depression sucks. I agree.

I’m not instigating ANYTHING. Please remove me from the medium before the FBI gets me hope hope hope soap!


I’m so angrer.

Why do old rapey old men with a good heart have like problems with me. I can tell they’re sarcastic but I could be paranoid.

Telepathy is the shittiest thing.

Girls with abs is not.

Why is rapey vibes a crime.

I don’t get it.

Am I breaching my legal contracts?

Am I going to be on the news?

Man if job finds out I have4 a personal life that’s like weirrrrrrd whoa.

I bet they’ll toitally ignore it and be professional. But if not, they’ll be involved.


The whole group.

And THEN I quit. Fuck you.

Who is this creepy old fag.

Jesus Christ.

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