This bitch is gonna get back at me. I can tell. He knows my brother. He knows my therapist.

He’s in the British secret service. He’s abusing his power.

I bet he shook hands with Trump.

Who my brother voted for.


I hope this stinger has schizoaffective disorder on it.


When will I be clean typist gen.

Blogging is nice. I just don’t know if anything will replace it.

The therapist REALLY doesn’t want me to do it. He wants me to JOURNAL. Blogging IS journaling. STUPID.

Jesus no one can take an insult or anything.

I don’t even insult anyone.

AND they get back at me.

This is so weird.

You paranoid fucks better jump off cliffs and explode limbs real quick.

I am not supporting terrorists by wishing them well.

Because I’m not wishing them well.

You don’t know who I am.

This is not on record.

Fuck off.



Strange art.

What a responsibility. Lololololol.

Dumb terds.

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