I am at a crossroads and I am going to try to ignore all the subtext. I don’t understand how commies or commies or commies wok wok wok no mo.


I’m screwed by the pills that serve and the cute ass is now the cute ass.

Fucked by it, in it.

At work.


Mom went to get ME a burrito for foodmeal.

I slept not one night and it is already this trigger trigger psycho psycho wowza.

So fuckola.

Work is science is work. DO your job stop doin mine shitheads.

Espionage neighborhood.

Lame place to live. Not giving it away.

You may hear things.

Good conclusion but I’m not done. Sorry.

Mouthing off is not an art.

I don’t mouth off.

I just have a lot to say.

I have a lot of problems.

I think we need to compact my verbal garbage.

And rape more bunnies.

Cute lil azn bunnies.

Yeah yeah dicks in em.



But what about the shit on Twitch?

Wow. Sue that company asap. Psychological damages. Hope… heres to it. I ‘m not doing it, staying far away until the entertainment brings me back.

Jesus fucking christ. Wow.


But we also need to prepare for tonight.
WHICH IS oh no my mom doesnt want me to help i know already now.

She needs my help with her job because she’s scared. I know how bad it is now. Every night of her life is every night of my sleepless night.

I just stay busy, she stays busy, we all stay busy. No one gets shot.

Keep cool. Keep calm.

Not doing it. Fuck off.

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