Oh wow do my friend and I actually not have time for each other anymore? Is that really the correct explanation? I am surprised. I thought he just didn’t care about me. He does. He doesn’t now that he’s angry at me, when he’s angry at me, because he’s angry because I made him angry […]

The one happy thing in my life–besides my mother and my family, which I take for granted (father is excluded)–is reading and books, which take hard work and effort.

I just heard baby brother’s voice saying “Fuck youuuuu” to/at me in my new neon green/black mesh chair as it was rotating/inclining a bit as I was moving around at my desk. How nice. Psychosis? Accident? Why would I hear that? That’s what it sounded like. Amazon chairs, man. Strange engineering. So also Twitch continues […]

Do exactly what you want to achieve your goals No more and No less What in hell is wrong with that? And chaos drive Throw it to the wind How it happens then And wring it back in Guaranteed The contract Between You and me To be just myself Because I am alone I see […]