I just heard baby brother’s voice saying “Fuck youuuuu” to/at me in my new neon green/black mesh chair as it was rotating/inclining a bit as I was moving around at my desk.

How nice.

Psychosis? Accident? Why would I hear that? That’s what it sounded like.

Amazon chairs, man. Strange engineering.

So also Twitch continues to psychically harass me. Means trigger me. But I blame them.


And they don’t have to do anything about it because people who like them will continue to like them regardless.

Last night was soft and understanding. I want more nights like that.

Most days I am in my insane asylum walls where no one hears me but the torturers and I am isolated and know no kindness. It is hard to imagine others could be kind to me. I want love.

I want love.


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