Itr’s okay I get my readiong iny I promise I do and today I got it in and every day I get it in But Frenchy exercise Wel;l a little bit on twitter doesn’t this keyboar dfuckiong BLOW!? Wow get a new one I won’t insult myself anylonger GermanyGermanyGermany all i ever hear these days


I love my father so much. Just knowing him and ugh all the amazing thing’s he’s done, escaping KGP USSR for his family to have a better life in America, because of nationalistic restrictions on where you could work and what you could be when you grow up, things like that, over there. He was […]

I have to pick up my dad from the airport tonight around midnight. He is coming back from Florida. This is nothing exciting to me, nothing vicariously amazing. He is just doing what he wants and if anything he makes me depressed now. That is the truth. In life he makes me depressed and mom […]

Except I still don’t get what you’re supposed to do all day. Work I guess I’m supposed to learn JMP better. But at home? What at home? Exercise, language (French), eh eh eh, don’t want to do anything. Maybe depression? I don’t know. Just laziness. That’s harsh. And leaves me with no improvement options. You […]

It’s hard for me to type so I have to re-learn. I don’t get it why. So therefore the fuckers take over my blog. Half the voices you read are incorrect. Eh. Oh hi Farhad! How are you doing! Long time no see! Truck slammers down the street in the neighborhood. Seems like crime. They […]

Twitch is nice but when the video starts talking to me that’s when I call it quits. Just now it took about 40 seconds before we reached that point. We were talking about the legality of occupation. Fascinating subject. Well anyway. I don’t read all the laws that pertain to me and she was saying […]

Because what is my job anyway, again. it’s like, pipetting samples, preparing biochemical samples, loading instruments with reagents and stuff and the samples, collecting the data with the reagents. That’s about it. I’m a very small part of the picture. But it’s science I guess if you love birds want to roll along with me […]