Because what is my job anyway, again. it’s like, pipetting samples, preparing biochemical samples, loading instruments with reagents and stuff and the samples, collecting the data with the reagents. That’s about it. I’m a very small part of the picture. But it’s science I guess if you love birds want to roll along with me now.

I want life to feel normal again and I don’t know exactly how to go about getting that. The depakote hopefully just flat out takes care of that? I don’t know man. I don’t know.

Ugh. Relying on the klonopin too much.

Had a little epiphany downstairs by the nacho coffee station that I ought to be happiest I evher beenk. What I min iz, havingk, it. Things can get amazing. We always expect the worst. Why? Why not get head lost in the clouds? That’s where mine always was, wasn’t it? Isn’t that EXACTLY WHY I WAS A HAPPY COLLEGE STUDENT CHILED? HUH? Jesu man. Why so… why so…

I better.

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