Twitch is nice but when the video starts talking to me that’s when I call it quits. Just now it took about 40 seconds before we reached that point. We were talking about the legality of occupation. Fascinating subject.

Well anyway. I don’t read all the laws that pertain to me and she was saying that’s dangerous (for me), and I should. I have a reading problem and she got pushy saying I have no excuses. I have excsues. My excuses is I have a reading problem. Bitch.

Thesese sneaky fuckers. Always win. Jesus I hate them.

God people are so evil. They want their ways correct. They want to be right about MY life. They want to basically own me.

She probably had a say in some of thos e laws

Nice little mosquioto day nightmare at it in the moment just now.An d yeahVoting.

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