It’s hard for me to type so I have to re-learn. I don’t get it why.

So therefore the fuckers take over my blog. Half the voices you read are incorrect.


Oh hi Farhad! How are you doing! Long time no see!

Truck slammers down the street in the neighborhood. Seems like crime. They use intimidation a lot. On innocent civilians. I don’t know what cops do all day but not much. Not much.

Denigratory fools.

I have a nice room, is what I cane here to say. Cane here to say cane here to say on porpoise.

I have a wil bed and a peace lily and nice stuff to occupy me.

My job is not going so well. =/

But otherwise I have no complaints.

I have schizoaffective disorder.

That’s a humdinger. Unfortunately. Eh. I have a doctor or two.

And, yeah! Life!

Enough cover-ups enough cover-ups. Just lay static.

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