Big Pharma the Rat strikes again

I have another employment problem.

I have been mismanaged. I have been on my own with no project to work on (I am not lying when I say that), except for maybe one side one, small, a programming thing that I am neither trained for nor being supervised for, in the JMP language, that I may as well say I learned on my own not associated with my company it’s that bad.

It’s because of reasons, but management is not looking out for my career progression.

And, I get to sleep a lot? So I’m happy. But, to be honest, I just realized, if the next employer asked what I learned this six months (there are about 2.5 left to rescue!), I wouldn’t be able to say much beyond learning how to operate 2 instruments and use a statistical analysis package. And if there were proof of how well, well, not that well. It sounds impressive until there’s proof. There’s no proof. I’m not that experienced at either.

So really, I’m being boned by Big Pharma again, as one of their employees.

Ohhhh, shuckkssssss.

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