Well, we’re at it again. Another dipshit scientist in training fucking with me out of a dipshit superiority complex and inflamed egomania attitude in lab. He didnt’ want to spill his beaker of water and we kind of were in acollision, but trying not to complete it, so going slowly to get out of it. He was teling me what body motions to make and it was stupid. I’m just gonna get out of this rat shit motion lock and you spill your water and get fresh stuff, dumb shit. Why you preaching at me.

His name was Nathan and he was a really good guy IRL. Worked in computational biology so strange to see him in O Chem lab or wherever in this dream.

His GF was watching. oh wow.

I think less of him now, even though it was just a dream.

Science and scientists are pricks. No exceptions. There is no romantic dream. It’s a lie.

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