I have the data, though. I know none of you read my posts. I know that as a fact. It’s just romantic to think otherwise, though.

Haha a few more of you went to prison oops!

Well what was I saying…

I, uhm, need some leisure in my life. Nothing quite feels fun or mild or relaxing.

I like intense things in general. But most of them are really hard work. Like snowboarding is a SPORT dawg. Imagine that. You have to drive far away to get to the snow, too.

Fucking is weird. Eh.

What else…

Poetry is brain terrorism. For me. Haha oops you went to prison for viola–nvm you escaped.

I see these cell walls don’t get very high.


Well anyway.

I wish video games were more fun. I wish I could’ve maintained some of my childhood heart and inspiration into adulthood. I lost so many brain cells during this whole mental illness thing.

Blleh. 2xl

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