Getting Back Into Things

I’ve finally clipped all my nails organically (by chewing on them) and now my typing skills should be at max, and they are definitely very bad, so I am considering getting a new swanky keyboard.

My server doesn’t fucking want to physically start up. The RAM is probably bad. Sad, spent so much on it. Will buy new stuff. Pfffff -_-.

Twitch will psychically harass me if I go on their website, I can tell. I don’t even have to ask them, I just have to ask my own mind.

Boogers in my nose. Maaaaan.

And weird dinner. Like a trifecta of Italian and Greek but all bad-tasting yech.


Didn’t do much work today. I have a sleep disorder: I sleep all day. Odd, innit?

Starting to accept life as this fun thing, an adventure on a rock through space, not any premeditated goal toward perfection. That is way too hard for me. I have to let things swing on their own

Ach. Sticky boogers!

My twitter account (personal one, LitMag and brother n I photo ones are okay) got deleted. Probably I was hating too much on there. Whoops! Hehehe. Good thing they do that, otherwise the dictatorships and police forces around the world, including America, dislike it cuz it soils their pants fuckers and then they have feces in their throat mmm mm look at that yum yum.

So whatever. It’s not gross. This is cookie cutter Christmas love compared to what they execute on a regular basis for communities of color, communities of discolor, communities, lack of communities, the whole civilization. Want to think gross? Wake up think apocalypse, induced by ourselves on purpose.

Good stuff.


It’s just, I’m supposed to be studying JMP at work and I really have no way to show off what I’ve learned, I mean I could talk to my manager about it, but I want to use it somehow, in a project. I don’t get it. I don’t know what I want and I don’t know how to manage myself. The constant somnolence/drowsiness kills me, while we’re at it. Sigh. I don’t know what to do. =/

But at least it’s Friday. My senior had a jaw infection (holy shit, right!? horrifying!) which is being medically treated, so I hope he survives, he’s a really nice guy when I’m not paranoid of him. M. Yeah. I wonder who will be testing the first batch of samples–we’ll probably split them up. Like 1/3 me 2/3 him due to seniority. That’s what I foresee. Not sure though.

I really just want my fucking server up and running finally. Holy hell. Sigh. I’ll check up on Reddit for advice again but the commentors probably yelled at me for being “stupid” ='(. People are so abusive. I don’t know what to do.

I’m tired of typing. I could go on, you know? But exercise has more bang for its buck. I sprinted, literally, across the street, our main street, after coming down the hill across it, to get to our circle (road). Sprinting felt, feels, so natural. It brings you to life in this way that just kills me to think I could ever lose. Mother mother. Imagine that. Sprinting. Is just the rawest form of nature. I mean there’s also dancing, playing an instrument for the sake of playing an instrument, painting for the sake of painting. These things, which you do, to get you back in touch with your roots, just for that sake, for their own sake, are so amazing. Makes me think every moment should be lived in and of itself. Its own cause, a stream. I am tearing up so I’ll stop.

Thank you for reading, if you did. I know no one does because I was abusive with my words for a very long time and the statistics do not indicate that anyone reads anymore. So that’s that, I suppose. GG, blog.

Maybe someone some day will understand…

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