The Daily Dose

Okay so I put in the daily quantity of effort into my server that I would like, probably more than the long-term mean as we are still in construction phase. After it’s running and we have my mother’s website and some servery stuff serving/served off the server on the real internet (cool :) we’ll just maintain it, so like, read up on newsletters like (highly recommended) for Linux stuff and etc. I might use Gentoo or somut like at. Not Ubuntu this time. I think I want to use Gentoo this round of before-it-crashes-completely (lol).

Looks like one of the Weasley (from Harry Potter universe) twins ratted me out as an ass on Twitter. Sigh.

Well I think that’s good. Thank you kind souls. I do enough–do you? Don’t put extra weight on my shoulders, dickheads!!

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